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Technical translation for engineering, construction, science, industrial projects
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Why choose Calibre?

Calibre Translation is a group of freelance independent translators that work together to provide top quality language services for businesses.


We currently translate to and from English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese, with more languages to come.


You get the benefits of working with a freelancer such as having direct access to the translator, faster turnaround and reduced rates, with the advantages of working with a team such as greater expertise, a broader range of languages and efficient quality processes.


Find out more about our translation services here, as well as the other services we provide and the available file types. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or for further information.


Also check out some of our latest translation projects here.

We follow “Lean Translation” principles, derived from lean manufacturing methods. In the translation industry, a lot of time and effort is often wasted on intermediate processes.

In a translation agency, most projects are passed through multiple project managers and coordinators before they reach the translator. This leads to increased costs and turnaround, and can lead to inconsistencie.


Working with a freelance translator can also have its drawbacks, as the services provided are generally reduced and most freelancers do follow appropriate quality procedures.


Calibre Translation aims to provide the best of both worlds. By working as a team we are able to provide more languages and services and we have an efficient quality process in place. The client is also given direct access to the translator, ensuring a fast turn and reduced intermediary costs.